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Provo City Center


Provo, UT

Total Size

204,000 SF




VCBO Architecture

The pride
of Provo.

Layton was pleased to partner with Provo City on another project. This time, a true city center housing its fire department, city council, and police headquarters. The award-winning facility reflects Provo’s continued growth and vibrant culture, featuring an underground parking garage, secure police evidence room, crime lab, police dog kennels, and emergency operations center. It also includes city office, conference, and meeting spaces. The main plaza at the front of the building features an artful fountain, or flash wall, which spells out messages with colorful cascading water.
Client: Provo City

Fun facts.

Peel back the exterior and here’s what’s inside the Provo City Center: 1,400 tons of steel (that’s 2.8 million pounds!), 9.4 miles of plumbing piping, 4.1 miles of HVAC duct, 50 miles of conduit, and 9,300 cubic yards of concrete (enough to pour a 4-foot-wide sidewalk for 35 miles).