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Layton Trade Partners


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Here's what you'll need to get started.

Prequal Application

To contract work with Layton, all trade partners and subcontractors must prequalify. See below for information on required documents due at the time of application. Note: in order for your application to be processed, all documents must be uploaded to the prequal application at the time of submission.

EXEMPT FROM PREQUALIFICATION: Vendors, suppliers, service providers, crane operators, surveyors, architects, and engineers.


Apply to participate in our Trade Partner Equity Program.

Learn More About TPEP

Signed W-9

When filling out the form, please include dashes in your Federal Tax ID (EIN or SSN). Example: 97-0001234 or 123-45-6789. Applications with improper Tax IDs will not be accepted.

W-9 Form

Signed Safety Declaration

Access Layton’s Safety Declaration at the link below.

2024 Safety Declaration

Review Layton’s Safety Management Plan

Access Layton’s Safety Management Plan at the link below.

Layton 2024 PSMP

Obtain Bonding Letter

Layton requires a signed letter from your bonding company stating your single and aggregate project limits, and your average bond rate.

Financial Statements

Provide third-party prepared financial statements of your most recent fiscal year end.

OSHA 300A Forms

Provide OSHA 300A forms and company EMR rate for the last three years.

OSHA 300A Forms

All information is kept strictly confidential and used only for prequalification purposes. Should you have any questions regarding the forms or the process in general, contact us directly at