SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, MAY 8, 2023 – Layton Construction Company, LLC, in conjunction with The Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah, celebrated the opening of the Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers.

In the Mountain West alone, nearly 53,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed this year, and approximately 16,000 people are expected to die of cancer. The Kathryn F. Kirk Center (KFK) is working to change that.

“HCI continues to look for ways to advance care within the local community through specialized services and research—most recently with the completion of the Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers. KFK will expand the clinical care capacity by 50% on the HCI campus and offer advanced care and wellness for women battling breast and gynecologic cancers,” says Cris Bryant, executive vice president for Layton.

Adding 220,000 SF and 48 inpatient rooms, the new facility will allow patients access to more than 325 innovative clinical trials and four state-of-the-art operating rooms will provide more sophisticated cancer surgeries.

Funding cancer research has long been a passion for Layton. Joining in an effort to crowdfund cancer research, Layton is an ardent supporter of Five For The Fight and encourages employees to donate $5 to cancer research in addition to hosting regular corporate fundraising events across the country.

Layton has worked with Huntsman Cancer Institute on many projects over the years. “The partnership between HCI and Layton goes back over 20 years. During that time, our healthcare construction business has evolved dramatically to the point that we are consistently ranked as a Top 10 healthcare builder nationwide. We owe much of our success and healthcare construction roots to HCI and their willingness to trust in us that we would deliver predictable outcomes on a complex project,” says Bryant.

In addition to the new treatment centers, the new KFK facility will house more space for screenings and early detection and holistic treatments. Additional space for colonoscopy and mammography treatments, massage therapy, and nutrition and recovery programs were specifically designed to provide comprehensive cancer care to all patients.

“Without facilities like HCI and the major donors in SLC and surrounding communities, there would not be the focus to combat disease management, care, and research,” says Bryant. “The commitment by the University of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Institute, and major donors have created a beacon for advancing science and medicine that will provide a higher quality of life for all residents in the Salt Lake City region and beyond.”


About Layton Construction Company, LLC

Established in 1953, Layton is recognized as one of the largest construction firms in the United States—delivering structures in nearly every building sector. With 12 offices across the country, Layton brings key relationships with trade partners and suppliers, proven experience, and unmatched local knowledge. Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023, Layton continues to perfect its craft, growing nationwide, and improving the built world through a commitment to superior service and delivering predictable outcomes.

In 2019, Layton joined the STO Building Group—a family of 14 leading construction firms—significantly expanding its reach, resources, and portfolio. Throughout it all, Layton has maintained strict quality and safety standards while adhering to its mission of Constructing with Integrity.


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