Screen grab of Layton's 5 for the Fight video

In 2004, Layton had just finished construction of the Huntsman Cancer Hospital, and Jon Huntsman’s passion to cure cancer was contagious. Since that time, Layton has committed hundreds of thousands of dollars towards cancer research.

Donate Here link for Layton Associates
Link to donate for Layton Employees
Over 500 Layton employees have donated to raise over $200,000 for the cause.

When Layton Construction heard about 5 for the Fight, the company decided to go all in and engage all employees, subcontractors, architects and engineers and all others within the Layton community. Below are samples of what we have done and are doing to involve our employees, friends and the community at large.

Ideas for a successful 5 for the Fight campaign

Contact Ashley Hill at Layton Construction or Lori Kun at Qualtrics, to join the fight and get help with your campaign. They can also provide the 5 for the Fight logo and templates to make it simple and convenient for your organization to participate.

Everyone can donate 5 dollars, and we need everyone.