We understand the intricacies of life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals facilities, as well as the specific components they require. Whether it be equipment selection, constructability or system performance, Layton brings a specialized approach to these projects to ensure the utmost quality. Through a comprehensive preconstruction process, the Layton team works diligently to ensure the finished product is built exactly to the original design and specifications.

Group of employees working in the Biomerics manufacturing facility

Salt Lake City, UT

Inside view of ICU Medical Complex with machinery over head

Taylorsville, UT

Lab equipment inside the Biomedical Sciences building
University of Hawaii Biomedical Sciences

Honolulu, HI

Inside a lab classroom at San Manuel Gateway College, part of the SACHS Norton clinic
Loma Linda University SACHS Norton Clinic

San Bernadino, CA

Inside the clean room at the Edwards Lifesciences facility in Draper, Utah
Edwards Lifescience

Draper, UT

Machinery inside the Albion Laboratories manufacturing facility
Albion Laboratories

Ogden, UT

Outside view of the Watson Pharmaceuticals building
Watson Laboratories

Salt Lake City, UT

Inside the lab at the USTAR campus building
James L. Sorenson Molecular

Salt Lake City, UT

Overview of the warehouse inside Ultradent's manufacturing facility

South Jordan, UT