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MountainView Hospital


Las Vegas, NV

Total Size

400,000 SF



Partnering for the long haul.

Layton has been working on the MountainView campus for 10 years, providing extensive preconstruction and construction services on various projects: OR renovations (60,000+ SF); ED/ICU expansion (163,000 SF; 20-bed ER, 12-bed ICU, 72-bed med/surg); helipad; main lobby, elevator lobby, and dining addition/renovations (17,500 SF); rehab elevator addition (2,160 SF); utility relocation; cath lab renovation; vertical expansion (80,000 SF); third-floor renovation (48,000 SF); CT and biplane imaging additions (6,600 SF); nuclear medicine remodel; rehab bed unit renovation (16,000 SF); ER expansion.
Client: HCAHealthcare | MountainView Hospital | Sodexo