Utah State Correctional Facility

Sits on more than 170 acres and, across 30 buildings, accommodates 3,600 male and female inmates of all classifications. This massive campus features the expected cell blocks and security buildings, but also substance abuse and behavioral health housing. One of the main purposes of building a new prison was to create a place that emulates the state’s approach to reducing recidivism, and Layton Construction is proud to be a part of the team that built such an essential part of the state’s structure and will help educate and reform convicts.


Salt Lake City, UT


The shells of each of the prison buildings are comprised of tilt-up concrete panels. The cells for each of the 3,600 inmates are 88 square feet and were all manufactured offsite. Construction took nearly seven years to complete, and in the summer of 2022, inmates moved into the new facility.