Ball Corporation Canning Facility

When you see the name Ball Corporation, you might think of the Ball canning jars your mother or grandmother used to can fruits and vegetables. Well, that’s not what’s being manufactured in this canning facility. The Ball Canning Facility in Waddell, Arizona, just west of Phoenix, manufactures aluminum cans for energy-drink giant Red Bull. The new 855,000 SF manufacturing and canning facility produces 6.5 million cans a day for Red Bull. Once ready, the cans are moved along a conveyor system through a 280-foot-long bridge that connects to an adjacent facility where cans are then filled with flavored energy drink and sealed.


710,000 SF


Glendale, AZ


Manufacturing and canning facility; 35-foot clear height; 8-inch reinforced concrete slab; metal deck and penalized wood roof; 280-foot bridge connecting and delivering cans to neighboring energy drink maker.

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