Did you know 25% of construction workers are older than 55? Or that 41% of the current workforce is expected to retire by 2031?

That’s a serious issue for the future of the construction industry—and for Layton—especially when you consider the industry must fill an additional 500,000 positions in 2023 to meet demand. Well, leading the charge in that effort, Layton has stepped up to highlight construction and pique the interest of the next generation of builders.

Behind the Inaugural Event

On April 12, 2023, Layton—along with other leading builders in Utah—hosted the first-ever “Builders’ Day” at Salt Lake Community College. Working with colleagues from other construction companies, key figures from Layton helped put Builders’ Day together and make it a success. In fact, more than 50 local companies participated in the event, which drew over 500 high school students from across Utah.

According to its website, “Builders’ Day is a career exploration event unlike any other.” Its purpose is to introduce high school students to the construction industry. Participants hear from professionals working in various construction roles. They meet and speak with industry leaders and trade partners to learn about the day-to-day tasks they perform, the education and training required for their jobs, and the rewards and challenges of working in their fields. Plus, the students get to take part in hands-on activities and experience the advanced technologies used firsthand.


“Events like these are so important to our company,” said Layton Business Development Manager Jordon Gillman. “Our industry is evolving rapidly, and there are more ways than ever for students of all backgrounds to apply their diverse skills in construction. It was nice to see so many different areas of our industry come together to celebrate our craft and recruit the next generation who will help shape the future here in Utah and beyond.”

Working to Change the Built World

Ultimately, the goal of Builder’s Day is to address a persistent need in the industry: labor. Their mission states: “Utah’s leading builders have joined together to empower a generation to imagine what’s possible for their careers. Through the transformative power of construction, we aim to create a world where young people can imagine and achieve new futures, and where the industry can thrive.”

As a company, we continually seek to improve the built world—both through our projects and bringing diverse talent to construction. We thank our team for stepping up to the challenge and taking a crucial step for the future of Layton and the industry.


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