Top row: Tristen Leberknight, Garrett Mantz, Conner Burke, Spencer Smith, Braden Wall
Middle row: Malyn Dickson, Devin Campbell
Bottom row: William Summers, Logan Kimball, Kevin Cruz, Taylor Pitman, Trace Houston.


Taylor Pitman, University of Florida, Vanderbilt University project, Nashville office

It’s hard to narrow down one single part because in my opinion the entire experience is the best. We (interns) have an opportunity to jumpstart our career outside of the classroom, which is the most difficult learning curve. Something that I have noticed within Layton, that I didn’t feel at previous companies, is the sense of family and unity; that is rare within a company this size, or even smaller. To have those ties within the workplace is very important to the outcome you have on the site, and that relationship is further carried to be formed with the client. This is one of the reasons that Layton is so successful; they put their employees and clients first. That is how you build and grow a company to thrive the way we are; connections formed within your team will extend to the community you are building for, and that is how Layton leaves its mark. For an intern who has only been here a few months, I feel very much a part of Layton and the community within! I cannot thank each of you enough for showing me that work is not just a job.

Devin Campbell, THE University of Louisiana in Monroe (ULM), Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, San Antonio, Texas

It’s hard to say what has been the best part of this experience so far. Honestly, everything has exceeded my expectations. The entire Layton Family here on the Methodist Stone Oak Hospital Project in San Antonio has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome. From the lengths they go to provide proper training, to just being enjoyable people to be around, it has been an incredible experience. I have learned so much and made some friends that I hope to work with on down the road. I am so grateful for this opportunity with this company.

Malyn Dickson, Utah State University, Dunn Edwards Thomas Rd, Sprouts Headquarters Expansion TI preconstruction, Phoenix office

The best part of my internship has been learning the entire construction process, including preconstruction, business development, being out in the field and then finishing up with the closeout of the project. It has been interesting learning everyone’s role in the process and how important each role is. Layton is a great place to work, I feel very lucky to have this experience and to work with the people in the Phoenix office!

Kevin Cruz, California State University of Long Beach Valley, Presbyterian Hospital ED Remodel in Van Nuys CA.

The best part of my Layton internship is the experience of being on site and being able to work directly under the superintendent and project manager. It has cleared up a lot of questions like what I can expect after I graduate and what career path I would want to pursue.

Braden Wall, UVU, Sierra Vista Replacement Hospital project, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico; Utah office

There are many great things about being an intern with Layton, but I would have to say that my favorite is being treated more like an employee than an intern. For me this shows the company putting its trust in me and pushes me to do my very best every day. It also provides more of a real world experience to help bridge the gap between classroom and career.

Spencer Smith, Brigham Young University, Brigham City Community Hospital project, Utah

My favorite part of the internship so far has got to be the people I get to work with on my project team as well as the upper management here in HCG. They expect a lot, but it helps elevate performance and they set you up to succeed and learn the ropes as best as you can.

Logan Kimball, Brigham Young University, BIM
The best part about this internship thus far would have to be the relationships I have made.

Tristen Leberknight, University of Utah, Rapid City Regional Health Advanced Orthopedic Hospital and Sports Performance Institute, South Dakota

The best part of my internship is being in the field every day and being able to help with the flow of work in the building.

Trace Houston; University of Louisiana in Monroe (ULM), Methodist Stone Oak Hospital Project in San Antonio, Texas

The best part of my internship, without question, is the people. Each member of this team has played a critical role in my growth since I’ve been here. No matter how busy they are, they always find time to guide me.

Garrett Mantz, Utah Valley University, HCA Sunrise Hospital Emergency Department and Patient Tower Addition,Central Plant Upgrades and Interior Renovation, Las Vegas, Nevada

The best part of my internship is seeing amazing projects come together and working with some incredible individuals. The two teams here at the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas help me learn not only the process of work, but also the bigger picture of getting the job done right. I owe it to them and Layton for an amazing experience.