Committed to Safety

Employee well-being is our priority

Our employees are the key to our success, and we work to maintain their safety on and off the jobsite. 

Layton Cares

Whether on a jobsite or in the office, safety is always a top priority, and our safety record speaks for itself. Since 1993, Layton has earned both the Association of General Contractors (AGC) National Certificate of Commendation for Safety Excellence and the AGC Utah Chapter Outstanding Safety Award, every year.

LIFE 24/7 at Work, Home and Play

Since employee safety doesn’t end when the workday is over, we created the Layton Injury-Free Environment, or LIFE program. This program not only teaches employees to be aware of and deal with potentially dangerous situations at work, but it includes first aid, CPR and other training that teaches employees to focus on safety even when they’re not working.

Continuous Safety Training

From their very first day with the company, all Layton employees receive training on safety procedures and policies. For our craft labor, a three-month new employee support period includes daily mentoring in safety procedures and supervisor interviews at 30, 60, and 90 day anniversaries.

Our training does not end there. Each morning, on-site superintendents lead a stretch and flex program and then conduct a pre-task planning meeting for the day, identifying potential safety issues. Employees are regularly trained in first aid, CPR, fall protection, scaffold usage, hazardous materials handling and more.

Overhead view of a daily morning huddle for the stretch and flex program

The Layton Personal Safety Zone (LaPSZ)

Layton Personal Safety Zone logo

Layton Construction encourages open communication between all project personnel to achieve an injury-free environment. Layton emphasizes the personal area of safety responsibility within a visible 30-foot area of each worker.

3D rendering showing the 30-foot area around an individual in which they must be aware of their surrounding

All workers on Layton Construction jobsites are responsible for maintaining the 30-foot Layton Personal Safety Zone (LaPSZ) surrounding them.

The 30-foot Layton Personal Safety Zone (LaPSZ) is the visible, 30-foot area surrounding an individual. It is the obligation and duty of that individual to watch for people, equipment, traffic or other potential hazards that may be within their 30-foot LaPSZ, and encourage safe work practices from all workers in the 30-foot area.

The 30-foot LaPSZ is founded on the teamwork concept of “having each other’s back” and helping all workers become successful each day.


Accountability for all workers on Layton Construction projects includes the following safety expectations and consequences:

  • Workers are empowered and expected to correct safety violations in their 30-foot work environment.
  • If an incident occurs within a worker’s 30-foot area of responsibility the worker will be asked to participate in the incident review.
  • There are no exceptions; employees at all levels are expected to participate in the 30-foot LaPSZ.
  • Workers who do not follow the Layton Construction safety policies, procedures and best practices will be disciplined, up to removal from the project.

Every individual is entitled to work in a safe environment. Each employer and employee is asked to adopt the 30-foot Layton Personal Safety Zone (LaPSZ) and do everything in their power to protect themselves and others.

Hazard Recognition

The key to the 30-foot LaPSZ program is hazard recognition. Each worker needs to be aware of the activity and people in their line of sight area, and to draw upon their safety training and work experience to notice and take action when there is a potential hazard that could result in an injury or property damage. Hazards recognized and acted upon by a worker can also be submitted on an Employee Observation Red Card, part of our safety recognition program.

If a worker recognizes a hazard, he should be respectful when pointing out the deficiency. A worker should remind the person of the safety policy or standard, request their cooperation and compliance, and if necessary, report the situation to their supervisor if unresolved.

Safety Education Center

Link to PDF of Layton Project Safety Management Plan
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