UPS Regional Hub

As one of Utah’s largest “big box” projects, the UPS Regional Hub required a unique approach for both the design and construction teams. The state-of-the-art facility streamlines the distribution process while offering areas within that promote collaboration. Considering the size and location of the facility, the Layton team overcame several challenges throughout the process for a successful completion.


840,000 SF


Salt Lake City, UT


840,000 SF and boasts more than 300 inbound and outbound dock doors, capable of processing 69,000 packages every hour, truck maintenance facility, truck wash building, retail commerce building, entrance/security points, large hubs of 3D field of conveyors, “buildings within the building” housing central automated hub control, administrative offices, engineering and maintenance, locker rooms.

Working Machine

The hub operates as one integrated machine, designed to streamline the distribution process effectively. Travel distances are minimized, support areas decentralized, and manpower optimized by fine tuning the building organization. For example, the dock doors are spaced at only 12’-0” on center, dramatically reducing the building length.

Office Areas
Dock Doors
Packages Per Hour
Wide angle view of the sorting and warehouse equipment within the UPS regional hub
Bird's eye view of the entire UPS regional hub and surrounding landscape
UPS semi trucks without trailers inside the large vehicle garage