Marshalls Distribution Center

One of the largest warehouse facilities ever constructed in the Phoenix market.


1,525,000 SF


Phoenix, AZ


Superflat floor, clear heights ranging from 32 to 52 feet, 250,000 cubic yards of earthwork, placement of 75,000 cubic yards of concrete, 1,750 tons of structural steel, 1,300 columns and beams, over 8,000 joists and girders, nearly 1.5 million deck pins and wire.

The Big Green

The Marshall’s Distribution Facility has energy efficiency and conservation in its DNA. It utilizes low-flow water closets and urinals, saving 83,000 gallons of water a year. Instead of being evaporative cooled, Marshall’s is air-conditioned, conserving 6,000,000 gallons of water per year while saving energy for the entire building as a whole. Natural lighting is favored over artificial lighting throughout to keep costs low. During construction, waste was recycled and the material used was low in volatile organic compounds.

Foot MFL Wall
Tilt-up Concrete Panels
SF Mezzanine
Package sorting area with angled rollers within the Marshall's Distribution center
Employee area with sinks, cabinets, and cubby style shelving with colorful accents throughout
Wide angle view of large, empty warehouse storage bays