One of Utah major newspapers recently highlighted the life-saving actions of Layton Project Assistant Michelle Patey. Michelle had learned CPR at Layton and ended up using those skills to save her husband’s life.

Several months ago Michelle woke in the middle of the night to the sound of her husband Robert snoring — something he doesn’t typically do. As The Deseret News recounted the story, “She tried to wake him, but he didn’t respond. Shaking him and yelling, she still couldn’t get him to wake up. ‘His eyes rolled to the back of his head,’ she said. She realized he wasn’t breathing and called 911. The dispatcher told her to roll him off the bed, which she did, and then began administering CPR. Michelle performed nine straight minutes of CPR on her husband before the emergency responders arrived, and she said those minutes ‘felt like an eternity.’ She broke one of his ribs in the process.”

According to the newspaper, once a person stops breathing, it can take as little as six minutes for brain damage to occur and 10 minutes without oxygen for a person to die, according to the National CPR Foundation. Michelle couldn’t wait for the emergency responders and had to literally take matters into her own hands.

Robert said he hopes more employers will offer CPR training to their employees.

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