IRVINE, CA (December 2, 2019) — When we recognize and are grateful for all we’ve been given, it motivates us to give back. We sometimes refer to that as “paying it forward.”

Homebuilding project in San Vincent Mexico

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Layton Superintendent Jeremiah Cason and his son Ezekiel recently participated with their church in a humanitarian project to build a home for a family in Mexico.

The weekend activity involved driving several hours from Southern California to San Vicente, Mexico. Once there, Cason led a group of youth in building a loft house for a young couple with two children and one on the way. There were more than 32 people who made the trip and worked to build the home in one 12-hour day.

“The entire trip was an amazing experience,” Cason said. “Being able to put the roof over the head of a young couple and their children was an experience that we all enjoyed it immensely. It was so nice to be able to help others in need.”

The deserving family had been living with eight other members of their extended family and did not have the means for a place of their own. The father has worked for many years at an orphanage and is now working at a women’s shelter in San Vicente.

The family said they were extremely grateful to everyone who helped build a home for their family.