Layton Construction Logo

The Layton Construction Logo is the property of Layton Construction Company, LLC. DO NOT modify the logo in any way. All use is subject to the strict guidelines below. Reasonable exceptions related to apparel may be approved by the marketing manager or marketing vice president. Requests can be sent through the website contact form.


The Logo is composed of two exact colors, as cataloged by the Pantone Matching System: PMS 209C and PMS 2945C. The color fidelity will vary throughout different applications, but it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the Logo is represented in the best possible way. When a color application is not possible, the Logo may be represented in 100% black, 30% black, or reversed in white on a solid background.

Layton Construction Logo white space


The Logo must be scaled proportionately. When introducing the Logo into your documents, it must be scaled correctly. In most software, dragging the corner of the picture box will scale the Logo in a proportionate and acceptable manner. In most software programs, dragging the sides of the picture box will scale the Logo in a disproportionate and unacceptable manner.


The Logo may appear in any size, provided that it is larger than 1-inch wide, scaled proportionately, and is surrounded by appropriate white space. Some file formats limit the extent to which the Logo may be scaled. Generally, any file ending with .eps or .ai may be scaled infinitely. Often, a file ending with .pdf may be scaled infinitely. A file ending with .jpg, .gif, .png or .tif may not be scaled larger than the original file. Please contact the Director of Corporate Communications with questions.

Layton Construction Logo white space

White Space

The Logo must be surrounded by a certain, minimum amount of white space.

The area may be defined by taking the last letter, “n” and using it to approximate the edges, as illustrated at left.

The resulting area of white space is the box where no graphical element may invade. This includes any text, lines and logos of other firms. The resulting boundary at left is shown for illustration only. The white space should not be outlined.

Rights to Use or Modify

The Logo is the property of The Layton Companies. All uses must conform to the standards shown here and be related to projects and materials approved by Layton.

Download Layton Construction Logo

The zipped file below contains the Layton logo in EPS, .jpg and .PNG formats in color, black, gray and white. DO NOT modify the logo in any way.


PNG files are provided on transparent backgrounds, suitable for placing on a solid, color background.