Social Post Tips to Get your Friends and Family Involved

By Amy Headlee
Social Media Manager

Social media is one of the best ways for us to spread the word on our efforts to fight cancer through our new 5 For The Fight employee giving campaign. Here are 5 tips for your own social media post to ask friends and family to join our fight against cancer.

Personalize it:
Tell the story of your personal experience with cancer. Everyone knows someone who’s fought cancer. Make your 5 For The Fight pledge and post about them.

We want to see your stories! Send me a screenshot of your social media posts on any platform for the chance to win a $50 Visa gift card.

My social post might say something like: “Both of my mom’s parents, my grandparents, lost their battles with cancer. It’s for them that I’m joining with my coworkers and Layton Construction to donate money from every paycheck to cancer research.”

Share a picture:
Write on your hand why or for whom you’re donating toward the fight against cancer, and snap a photo!

A landscape (horizontal) orientation photo will work best, but any photo will do. If you want to get technical, consider cropping your photo to 1200×630 px or 600×315 px.

Platform choice:
Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform and the platform that best facilitates sharing. Consider posting there, Instagram, Twitter, and/or your favorite channel.

If you post on Facebook, consider making your post “public” so it can be better shared and so friends of your friends, coworkers, or people searching with the hashtag #5ForTheFight can see it.

To make a post public on Facebook, click the lock icon under your name (within the post), and select “Public.”

Use the hashtags #5ForTheFight and #LaytonGives to help spread the word!

Also consider tagging family and friends. I might tag my mom, aunts, uncles or cousins.

Tagging Layton and 5 For The Fight will also help improve visibility for the cause.
Facebook: @5forthefight @LaytonCompanies
Twitter: @5forthefight_ @LaytonBuilds
Instagram: @5forthefight @laytonconstruction
LinkedIn: Type @Layton Construction (with the space), and select Layton Construction in the drop down menu.

Call to action
Ask your friends and family if they can give $5 or more for the fight against cancer and give them the link to Layton’s 5 For The Fight web page.

“Can you spare $5 for the fight against cancer? Donate at:

Your final post might look something like:
















Have ideas or questions? Let me know.

Fight’s Not Over; Here’s What You Can Do to Help

When asked to join the fight against cancer, Layton employees came out swinging. In just one week after the March 12 launch, employees committed more than $90,000 to cancer research.

That’s an uplifting success and speaks to the heart and character of the people at our company. There are still many opportunities to join the fight and help us reach our goal of $200,000+ in 2018.

If You Haven’t Donated, Join the Fight Today
While more than a third of Layton employees have donated, all employees are invited and encouraged to participate. If every employee gave just $5 a paycheck, then our annual giving would exceed $200,000, and at the end of our five-year campaign we will have donated more than $1 million to cancer research. You can choose to donate any amount or even to make just a one-time donation.

Step Up on Social Media
Layton’s social media manager, Amy Headlee, talks about sharing on social media in the accompanying story.

Show Your Fighting Spirit at the Jobsite
Download this poster template to customize and hang in your job trailer. Share your own photo with your personal reasons for joining the campaign. The endorsement from a superintendent, project manager and other members of the project management team will have a big impact on recruiting subcontractors and others to join the fight.

Add a Callout to Your Email Signature
Add a text link to your email signature like Mia Checkley did.

Thanks again for your generosity and willingness to join the fight.

Everyone can give five dollars, and we need everyone – because we’ve got to find a cure.