This is NOT your “Father’s Tenant Improvement Group.” ICS likes to work hard and play hard.

Layton SBU reaches $1 billion milestone by not following the crowd

If you were to walk into ICS, it would not be uncommon to see a stray Nerf bullet, a tattered paper airplane or an employee proudly displaying the rotating “Builder Bob” trophy. This is a company that prides itself on working hard and playing hard. They were designed to be different, and they’ve been highly successful because of it.

In 2000, a tenant improvement contractor was born with the goal of using Layton’s expansive resources to offer a higher level of service not previously seen in the Utah market. Eighteen years later, they’ve grown up, achieving an impressive milestone of $1 billion in revenues since inception and arguably becoming the most successful tenant improvement company in the Intermountain West.

They continue to make their mark by purposefully NOT being your “Father’s Tenant Improvement Group” with stuffy corporate formality. On the contrary, they describe themselves as the “Tech Start-Up Company that Does Construction” with a culture resembling a tight-knit family or friends who just happen to all do construction together.

This formula breeds the creativity and expertise necessary to stay at the top of the food chain in a hot TI market that is growing as never before and seeing new and exciting construction trends. One such trend ironically shows companies who 5-10 years ago devoted the bulk of their budgets to their exterior façade now flip-flopping and focusing on the creative branding of their interior spaces while leaving exteriors relatively plain. Interior spaces are becoming more open, communal, colorful and full of fun amenities designed to attract and keep employees.

There is no doubt ICS will continue to not only effectively adapt to a changing industry, but to lead the way with creativity, technology, and an “edgy cool factor” not easily replicated.