Jeremy Hobbs returns to St. Alphonsus, not as CM, but as husband of stroke victim

March 25, 2018 started like any other day in the Hobbs household. The frantic hustle to gather all of the children had calmed, as all were attending their respective church classes. D’Neill was doing what she loved best, leading the music for the primary kids and enjoying their enthusiastic singing.

D’Neill became dizzy, sat down and quickly became unconscious. Luckily, there were health professionals close by who quickly offered aid until the paramedics could arrive.

When D’Neill’s husband, Jeremy, was given a choice where to take his wife, it was a quick decision: St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Nampa.

As fate would have it, Jeremy had spent two years as the construction manager building St. Alphonsus, and he knew the doctors and staff. He had ensured state-of-the-art equipment was installed and he knew, had made sure, this hospital could offer the best care to the community.

Still, he could have never known that within months of completion, he would be taking his seemingly-healthy 41-year-old wife there as she fought for her life with an undetermined ailment.

It was eventually determined that D’Neill had suffered a stroke, with the cause still unknown. With the relief of knowing that she would survive the scare, D’Neill and her family began the challenging road to recovery. There were the lows of having to learn basic skills all over again, the frustration of struggling with once-easy tasks, the fear of realizing one’s mortality. But with the lows came highs of having a daughter use her nursing experience to care for her mom, the family all pulling together to accomplish the “mom things,” the heightened love everyone felt for each other.

The Hobbs look back on this experience as “the best thing they never want to go through again.” Looking at family pictures, Jeremy and D’Neill teared up and expressed gratitude for the outcome. Nearly four months later, the Hobbs got to see the doctor who helped save D’Neill’s life, with D’Neill meeting him for the first time.

After sharing an emotional first hug, patient and doctor conversed about D’Neill’s admittance to the emergency room, the uncertainty of her condition or the cause. D’Neill heard of the efforts to save her for the first time. Everyone felt immense gratitude and happiness in being able to celebrate this bright spot, especially since the hospital staff know it’s so often not a happy ending.

Inevitably, thoughts turned to the future. D’Neill summed it up best when she said, “I appreciate life more, and live it more fully and gratefully. It’s a richer, more meaningful life now. That’s a gift. Bringing that back to my family is an even greater gift.

As Jeremy and D’Neill held hands and enjoyed the walk out of St. Alphonsus, D’Neill showed almost no visible signs of her stroke. They walked into St. Alphonsus Medical Center on the worst day of their lives, and they walked out as a stronger family, with an inspirational story to share with all.

Constructing the building where that good memory took place is the “why” behind what we do. We build for the community because we know if our walls could talk, these are the kinds of stories we want them to tell.

D’Neill and Jeremy Hobbs visit her doctor at St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Nampa, where Layton vice president Jeremy had been a construction manager and D’Neill was a patient.