Building for a better future

Layton is committed to protecting our environment, continually seeking ways to reduce our impact and create healthy, sustainable facilities.

Investments for Our Clients and the Environment

While Layton understands the importance of sustainable building for the environment, we also recognize its benefits for our clients. Reducing energy consumption means lower costs for the end-user, while improving the life of your building.

Field worker in harness drilling wood framing into place


We source materials based on the sustainability practices of the suppliers. 

Design-Assist Services

Layton performs lifecycle cost analysis on all materials specified in the design and recommends alternatives that provide superior energy performance, including mechanical and plumbing, electrical and building envelope systems. 

Two project managers on the job site reviewing reports on iPad

Reporting & Measurement

We provide our clients with concise and comprehensive reports that track all sustainability efforts. 

Our Approach to Green Building

In addition to the above, we approach every project with the environment in mind. As part of our standard processes, Layton is committed to protecting the environment through the following: 

Fleet Management Program

We use smaller, half-ton pickup trucks for our operations fleet, which substantially reduces the gross vehicle weight (GVW) and maximizes fuel economy. These trucks are replaced every 60,000 miles to utilize best available technology (BAT) for emissions standards.  

Green Building Design

When plausible, facilities are built to maximize ambient natural light and reduce the need for lighting fixtures. Lighting controls include motion-controlled lighting systems to manage the energy consumption in offices and restrooms. Trees are planted around building perimeters to shade the structures and offset the heat retained by surface parking areas.  

Safety, Health and Environment Department

Every location and local requirement is different—and we create, implement and teach best-practice polices based on the unique challenges and needs that are presented. From dust mitigation to protecting adjacent wetlands, we take the responsibility to advocate for the environment and do our part to protect it.  

Off-Site Manufacturing

Layton uses prefabrication when feasible due to its high efficiency, lower cost and reduced impact on the construction site and surrounding area.  

Adaptive Reuse

Though only plausible on specific projects, such as renovations, our project teams will identify opportunities for adaptive reuse, as well as utilizing recycled materials. In reusing existing components, such as within renovation projects, we not only reduce our environmental impact, we reduce costs for the client.  

LEED Accreditation

In addition to our standard green building practices, Layton has completed numerous LEED certified buildings. In fact, we completed the first LEED-certified building in the state of Utah—the Utah Olympic Speed Skating OvalWe currently employ over 75 LEED APs® who have a deep and thorough understanding of green building standards and practices, and continually identify areas in which we can incorporate these practices and standards into our projects.