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SANDY, Utah (December 22, 2018) – The Southern Utah University Business Building was awarded the 2018 Oak Hard Hat Safety Award Friday.

Layton President and CEO David S. Layton congratulated the project team on completing the project with zero incidents in the middle of a busy college campus. Dave also praised Layton project teams nationwide for creating an outstanding safety culture.

The nominees for the award (in alphabetical order):

  • Idaho Falls Medical Center – Field Operations
  • Macy’s Manhattan Beach – Southern California
  • North Alabama Medical Center – Healthcare & National Building Group
  • North Shore Urgent Care – Hawaii
  • PV 303 – Arizona
  • Stein Eriksen Phase VI – ICS
  • SUU Business Building – CSG

It is a significant honor to be nominated for the Oak Hard Hat Award. From the beginning, safety has been a hallmark value of Layton Construction Company. The company’s “Twelve Timeless Values” penned by Alan W. Layton in the early 1980’s noted that “safety is good business” and we must “insist on a clean and safe workplace.”

Through the years, Layton’s emphasis on safety has only increased. Our Layton Injury-Free Environment promotes safety in all aspects of our lives, changing universally the ways we think and act about safety.

The Oak Hard Hat Safety Award has been awarded to a project and its team for nearly three decades. With the growth of the company, Layton’s National Safety Leadership Team is broadening the scope and importance of The Oak Hard Hat award. Every business unit now selects and recognizes a finalist for the award, with the Oak Hard Hat awarded to the “Best of the Best” of those nominations.

Based upon safety performance, obstacles overcome, culture and community involvement, and demonstration of core safety processes, business unit finalists have been selected for 2018. Votes were cast by construction managers, regional safety managers, vice presidents, senior vice presidents and executive vice presidents of each business unit for their respective nominees.

Congratulations to the finalists as well as to each of you, on every one of our project sites who are striving to elevate safety to the prominence and importance that it deserves.


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