Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center Renovation

130,000 SF

Cottonwood Heights, UT

A long-standing community fixture, Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center was in need of a complete remodel, refurbishment and overhaul of the mechanical and plumbing systems in several areas (inside and outside) of the existing facility. Layton was hired to complete these improvements along with the creation of a new entrance and access hallways.

Renovation of the main pool area was particularly challenging as it had undergone numerous renovations. In particular, three separate ceiling systems had been installed on top of each other, resulting in a lot of debris to be removed once the demolition was completed.

A few years earlier, Layton had also demolished and replaced the recreation center's popular ice rink.

Layton Construction renovated the main pool area of the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center.

Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center renovation included the completed demolition and replacement of the women's locker room.
Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center renovation included an aggressive timeline so local swim teams could use the facility during the competition season.