Our Logo

The Layton Construction Logo is the property of The Layton Companies. All use is subject to the strict guidelines established in the Standards Guide, available in PDF format. Specific questions should be addressed to the Director of Corporate Marketing.

Download Vector Images

Vector images are infinitely scalable and produce accurate color. Professional printers and sign makers will prefer this file. However, most common users will not be able to access these files due to the software requirements. Please see the rastarized images, further down the page.

Note: The file below contain PMS Two-color spot, CMYK (process) and Black & White options. Use any vector-editing software to open and place

Layton Construction Logo as EPS (zipped)

Layton Construction Logo in PDF format

Download Rastarized Images

Rastarized images are scalable within very limited tolerances. If you enlarge them, they will become blurry and distorted. The embeded colors will not reproduce accurately from one use to another. However, the benefit of rastarized images is that they're universally accepted between nearly all software brands and types. Whether in CAD, word processing, or a spreadsheet, Rastarized images will display every time.

Note: The files below are saved for 8-bit RGB color. To download the image, select and click on the link below. When the Logo appears on screen, right-click to SAVE IMAGE or COPY.

Layton Construction Logo in PNG format (transparent background)

Layton Construction Logo Reversed in PNG format (white logo on transparent background)

Layton Construction Logo in JPG format (small)

Layton Construction Logo in JPG format (medium)

Layton Construction Logo in JPG format (large)