Torrington, WY


285,000 SF

Contract Value

$102 M

Wyoming Medium Correctional Facility

The State of Wyoming Department of Corrections initially sought hard bids on the construction of the new Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington. When bids came back nearly twice the amount of the original budget, the Wyoming officials, along with the design firm and Layton Construction, worked closely through a preconstruction partnership to bring the construction costs within budget.

The facility is located in Torrington, a remote area of Wyoming. The difficult site is located on a sand dune that required approximately 500,000 cubic yards of sand to be moved to fill in valleys as deep as 35 feet and hills as tall as 30 feet. Components of the project include prison, administration building, central plant, gatehouse building, warehouse, maintenance building and vocational training. The prison has 720 beds, including infirmary and mental health isolation cells.

This project serves as a showcase of Layton’s ability to partner with local and national subcontractors in remote construction sites with limited subcontractor services and housing. Major subcontractors were selected from Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.