University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT


208,000 SF

Contract Value

$133 M


James L Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building (USTAR)

This award-winning facility houses a series of research teams recruited by the University of Utah through the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR). The building is part of a future, four-building interdisciplinary quadrangle, which will be located between the lower and upper campus and act as a central unifier between the work in the College of Engineering and the Health and Medical School.

The facility achieved LEED Gold certification. Several energy-saving design measures were incorporated, including rooftop gardens on much of the structure.

The Research Center contains laboratory space, nanotechnology clean room, vivarium, core facilities, faculty office space, symposium and conference space, and public areas designed to encourage maximum interaction of faculty from diverse disciplines. Assignable research and support space will be designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability to accommodate yet-unknown occupants. Core facilities support faculty within the building and serve as University-wide resources.