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Our Commitment to Safety: The Layton Injury-Free Environment (L.I.F.E.)

Site Specific Safety Plan

Layton Construction’s Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) helps project management, subcontractors and workers understand Layton Construction’s Injury Free Environment philosophy and the safety expectations and requirements for its projects.

Layton Site Specific Safety Plan

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Layton’s success as a company is due in no small part to our outstanding employees. Whether it’s on a jobsite, or in the office, safety is always a top priority, and our safety record speaks for itself. Since 1993, Layton has earned both the Association of General Contractors (AGC) National Certificate of Commendation for Safety Excellence and the AGC Utah Chapter Outstanding Safety Award, every year. Our current Experience Modification Rate is .71.

But employee safety doesn’t end when the workday is over, so we created the Layton Injury Free Environment, or L.I.F.E. program. This program not only teaches employees to be aware of and deal with potentially dangerous situations at work, but it includes first aid, CPR and other training that teaches employees to focus on safety even when they’re not working.

Continuous Safety Training

From their very first day with the company, all Layton employees receive training on safety procedures and policies. For our craft labor, a three-month new employee support period includes daily mentoring in safety procedures and supervisor interviews at 30, 60, and 90 day anniversaries.

Our training does not end there. Each morning, on-site superintendents lead a stretch and flex program and then conduct a pre-task planning meeting for the day, identifying potential safety issues. Employees are regularly trained in first aid, CPR, fall protection, scaffold usage, hazardous materials handling and more.

Safety Observations at All Levels of Management

All Layton jobsites have mandatory daily and weekly safety inspections, conducted by the on-site superintendent. These inspections are documented, and reports are kept on file in the jobsite trailer.

Additionally, all managers are required to perform periodic safety observations. From the president of the company to the on-site superintendents, at every level of our organization, safety is a value. The Layton management team makes regular and unannounced safety walks a top priority.

Subcontractor Safety

Subcontractor participation is fundamental to ensuring on-site safety. Before subcontractors are selected for any job, pre-bid safety reviews are conducted with each subcontractor. A pre-mobilization safety review, which all subcontractors are required to attend, outlines project specific safety requirements and reiterates the team’s commitment to safety.

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Layton's 24/7 Safety Policy

Layton Construction is committed to the safety of its employees, partners and subcontractors. Our dual programs, L.I.F.E. (Layton Injury Free Environment) and LaPSZ (Layton Personal Safety Zone) stress safety around the clock – on and off the job.