Cottonwood Heights, UT


38,000 SF

Four Swimming Pools

Contract Value

$4 M


Cottonwood Heights Rec Center Remodel

The scope of this project included:

  • Removal and replacement of the entire roof (including most structural components)
  • Complete demo and replacement of the women’s locker room
  • Removal and replacement of the mechanical system, including the massive boilers for the water heating system
  • Relocating the entrance and lobby
  • New observation deck in the racquetball courts, including installation of full-height, store-front glass in each court

There are four separate pool areas within the area of remodel. Over the years, three separate ceiling systems had been installed, each built over the last, so the demolition process included a large amount of debris removal.

The mechanical rooms are in basement vaults below the pool deck. With access being extremely tight, a 10’x10’ opening was cut in the foundation to enable removal and installation of equipment.

The schedule was extremely compact. The local swim teams have a 25+ year legacy as being the best in the state and the region, and workout time is critical. The teams practiced in the outdoor pools but needed to be back indoors by November. The demo phase ended in September, requiring Layton to sprint to replace the new roof and complete interior finishes.