Layton CCIP (Contractor Controlled Insurance Program)

What is a CCIP?

The Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (“CCIP”) is provided by Layton Construction Co., Inc. (“Layton”) on behalf of subcontractors and sub-subcontractors of all tiers working on-site at Layton project sites.  

Will all Subcontractors be covered by CCIP?

Not every company involved with the project will be required to be insured through the CCIP;  Layton, at its discretion, will exclude certain Subcontractors from the CCIP.  Those selected for enrollment will be covered according to the guidelines set forth by the CCIP Manual and in accordance with state law where the project is located.

Subject to the subcontract between Layton, Subcontractors, and sub-subcontractors, of all tiers, Layton has secured specific insurance coverage for the enrolled firms performing Work at the Project Site.  The CCIP insurance coverage applies only to work at the Project.

What type of coverage will the CCIP provide?

The insurance and limits provided by the CCIP are intended to offer broad comprehensive coverage. Please note the coverage afforded under this program does not include all insurance needed by the Subcontractors and their Sub-Subcontractors. For example, workers' compensation and general liability coverage apply only to the operations of the enrolled subcontractor at the Project Site. They do not apply to the operations of the enrolled Subcontractor in his regularly established main or branch office, factory, warehouse, similar place, in transit, or any other location not defined as the Project Site.

It is recommended that the Subcontractors and Sub-Subcontractors, of all tiers, have their insurance consultant review the coverage provided by the CCIP.  It is the responsibility of the Subcontractors and Sub-Subcontractors, of all tiers, to maintain all insurance required by the Subcontract and, at their sole option and cost, any additional insurance they deem necessary.   

How do I find out more about CCIP?

There are links available to help interested subcontractors learn more about Layton’s CCIP program.

For more detail regarding the CCIP select CCIP – Program Information

To find out more about the coverage visit CCIP Manual

To view the language, regarding CCIP, that will be included in all subcontracts visit CCIP Subcontract Amendment

To see what forms subcontractors will be required to submit, regarding the CCIP program, visit the following forms:

CCIP Enrollment App

CCIP Notice of Work Completion

CCIP Payroll Report


Download CCIP Documents (PDF Format)

CCIP Program Information

Sample CCIP Manual

CCIP Subcontract Amendment